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Support please

Hello, this is a shameless plea for support as I feel like I'm losing my wits.

I am 29 and have stage 4 endo which includes some substainal cysts. I have been on prostrap injections for 3 months and just had my second one. Am due an MRI in November to then determine if I need another 3 months worth then a laprotomy(??) as the Dr wants to remove all he can then I can go for IVF.

Has anyone had this surgery and if so can you tell me what it's like? I wasn't too bad after the lap but he did warn that this one would knock me for six

The prostrap isn't pleasant but I'm struggling so so much with the psychological side of everything. I feel extremely down and anxious and have tiredness like nothing else. It's making working full time in mental health difficult and the fact most of my friends are new mothers/pregnant with their second baby is just overwhelming. I love them and are so happy for them but I want to scream and rant and rave with how unfair this seems.

I feel like I'm going crazy but at the same time because my mood is so flat then I'm completely numb. I'm quite a crier and I can't now. Even when I would normally react I don't as its all just flat. I think that's the prostrap as that has been the significant change.

I would like it all to stop and get sorted but I'm struggling to wait. Am seeing consultant next week to review things but I think he is limited.

Just needed that rant.


Cg x

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Sweetie :( I'm sorry you're feeling so rotten and I know this feels like it will never end, but there is support and help from all the lovely ladies on here. You're in the right place!!

I'm not sure exactly what your doc is referring to. Is it a laparoscopy? if so, I had one done last week and am happy to share my experiences and what to expect.


I had a laparotomy a few years ago to remove a large endometrioma and my ovary. No doubt about it, it is a bigger deal than a laparoscopy due to the large incision. For me, it was a tough surgery, it was difficult to move around afterwards for some time and I felt extremely tired. Although mine was an emergency so I had no time to prepare myself either at home or mentally. I'm sure your consultant will talk you through it all, and I really hope it goes well.

Sorry to hear you're suffering on prostap, i had it for three months and it really affected my mood, causing really severe depression. If you think it's becoming too difficult to manage, please talk to your GP or consultant. It's hard to have moods affected in such a way when awaiting surgery and all its stresses.

I hope your surgery goes well and gives you some relief.


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