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Feeling miserable

I'm 40 now no children never married.I suffered Endo and adenomyosis alternately.This disease started when I was 16 heavy bleeding,lower back pain,pelvic pain,and lower belly pain.Also I have fainting spell during those time.I went to visit different oby specialist never came to rule it out until I had a visit to a public hospital wherein they rule out I need hysterectomy because my cyst is so big and was diagnose with endo.After that I'm into hrt in between progestin and estrogen alternately during this stage of meds management my pain depress a bit and my cycle temporarily stop.I had a research on side effect of hrt and ask my oby to stop it as some of side effect are breast cancer,hypertension and diabetes.It was a year now I stop treatment my problem is I had lumps in my lower left breast and all the pain I still there.It was so depressing.I wanted to resort to total hysterectomy since I don't have my right ovary now but I am afraid and in doubt as to side effect of surgery and will the pain really goes away permanently.please help I need advice.thanks

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