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Resolution for frequent urination occuring due to endometriosis or kidney issues or bladder problem

I was fed up with my problem of frequent urination due to endometriosis.Consulted innumerable doctors, had uncountable medicines and also had laproscopy done to resolve the problem.Doctors even suggested me yoga exercises.But all in Vain.I was so disgusted with myself.

But my problem resolved miraculously when my mom's collegue suggested me to drink HORSE-GRAM SOAKED WATER.I COULD NOT BELIEVE THAT A PROBLEM I WAS SUFFERING FROM LAST 5 YRS WAS CORRECTED WITHIN TWO MONTHS .

Every night I soaked a little bit like 1 tbsp of Horse gram in a glass of water after washing them thoroughly.Next morning I would strain the water and drank it.After two months of regular intake me, who usee to use the restroom like after every 10 mins and couldnt sleep at night as i wake up after every half an hour was peacefully sleeping throughout the night and during the day i hardly remembered when was the last time i peed.I am not suggesting any treatment ,doctor or medicine. Its a herbal procedure u can try.

Horse gram are very cheap and u can always google its advantages before trying my suggestion.i request ..have patience for two months from the starting of the intake of the water.Girls who suffer from frequent urination problem due to endo or kindey problems I strongly believe your problem would be resolved

All the best.

Stay healthy stay happy :)

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