Endometriosis UK

An e-patient awakening. Great article showing that some online Facebook groups have more endo knowledge than some Gynaes! Scary but TRUE!

Please have a read of this fantastic article ladies, there may be a lot you can learn from it. It's a journey that sadly many of us have encountered.

It's incredibly important to gain as much knowledge as you can on endometriosis, so you can empower yourself and be able to advocate for the best treatment.

"Remember trust your gut - the doctor isn't always right!"

Please share this with anyone you know that has endo, and on social media to help others.

Any ladies in Wales?

Please have a look at my other post too, FTWWW are a FB group set up to help women in Wales. We are using our knowledge and experiences to help women in Wales access better care- you are very welcome to join us!


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