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Dealing with Loved ones

How can I help my loved ones understand what I'm going through. It seems to upset my boyfriend in different ways. One day he's being sympathetic and hugs the next telling me to stop getting so aggravated. Surely I have the right to be annoyed after 15 years of trying to get docs to listen to me and understand. Now daily I'm in pain and nauseous and still in the process of getting to see a specialist who will care about my issues with Endo.

My family, well my sister and mum, are the only ones that seem to understand that I am hurting on a daily basis.

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A friend gave this to me. It applies to anyone with a form of chronic illness and my husband and I regularly talk about what spoons I have left.



I totally forgot the spoon theory thank you.


I have the same problem my ex left me mum doesn't speak to me and my dad never rings they are my adoptive parents, u think they care.! Im 42 and the lost my best mate over 13yrs my other mate moved on with her family. And im left alone my 21yr old amd grandson live in isle of wight and my daughter who just leaving school is living with her dad because she couldn't handle my illnesses!! I don't have an answer im sorry to be so depressing but I really would like to know myself.


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