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Since diagnosis with endo, changes

Hello, really sorry to ask this and quite well embarrassing.

Been over five years suffering, I had my lap just over three weeks ago. In a weeks time I would have been on zoladex and tiblone (HRT). During the procedure they found severe endometrisos.

Prior it was really Painfull at times in sex. Now after a unsuccessful attempt I was unable to get well you know in last terms ready for the deed. Physically I mean.

I'm not sure if it's a bit of anxiety and worry as to whether it is still going to hurt, bleed again during and after. I have read its a side effect from the medication. Just wondered if anyone else had had this ways to overcome the fear and well physical wise.

My partner isn't being very supportive either which is adding on the anxiety and worry levels.

I was on sertaline anxiety before but been taken off during treatment, due to see doctor soon about going back on.

Sorry for rambling, have tendency to overthink and then make myself worse with worrying.

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Ok Hun firstly maybe it's a bit soon I was told six wks after lap and excision , secondly if ur feeling like ur boyfriend isn't being understanding & ur obviously associating sex as something uncomfortable (as I'm sure a lot of us have been through with these syptoms)ur not going t feel ready physically or otherwise . When u r ready u need t make him understand and just eh em take it easy (-:


Hi, sorry your suffering like this, it's supposed to be an enjoyable thing not a chore and when it's uncomfatable or painful, why would we want to do it, putting our selfs through unnecessary pain is just weird really,

Try to explain to your friend how it feels and get him to read some litreture about it, so he knows it's a real thing,

It is preetty early, perhaps leave it a few more weeks and remember to use lubricant jelly,

Did you have your endo excised??

Good luck Xxx


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