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Adenomyois and endo

Hey ladies!

Would like a bit of feed back from ladies that have had it know someone who has had a hysterectomy and has had to have HRT. I'm 28years old and have suffered for years with excruciating pain. After 2 major ops a bowel resegment later it's been found I have more endo (shocker) and adenomyosis. For a long time iv pretty much known that a hysterectomy was on the card and now need to make the decision on what to do. I am 100% sure I want to go with it.i have a 10year old son with disabilities and the pain is stopping me from being the mum I want to be....So HRT What are your opinions.?

Sophie 😄

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Hi hunny, have your surgeon explained that a hysterectomy without removal of overies is a cure for ADENOMYOSIS, I'm booked in for a total hyst, preserving my overies as they are the only bit that's healthy, I'm 39 with 3 sons, and don't want any more kids so I'm fine with it, but I don't want or need to go straight into the menopause if I can help it, and I can,

Now if it's your endo that's causing you your main pain, then unfortunately there is little to no evidence to say that a hyst with or without overie removal will help, our bodies produce a little estrogen even after a hysterectomy, so the endo could still come back or if left carry on growing,

At 29 to have your overies out you would have to have some sort of htr due to bone health and some docs believe heart health,

Because we have both conditions we can't know what one is our main problem or if both are causing pain,

I'm in total agreement with my plan of action, ive had endo removed now hysterectomy to remove adeno, if pain is still there or comes back I will be refered to an endo specialist, and then I should go into the menopause within 5 years anyway,

I hope this helps and I havnt confused you, if you have any questions I'll be happy to answer if I can



I really appreciate you responding . Unfortunately my overys are rubbish .i had an op a year ago to remove extensive endo and bowel resement due to endo growing into my bowel and had another 6 months later as the pain I get on my left side (iv had it for 3years) the I had later showed that I yet ahain I had extensive endo and a 7cm cyst on my right overy.i had and mri scan that shows I have endo on left overy which is behind my bowel (or somthing like that) and the adenomyosis. So really it all has to come out if I want the best chance to feel better, being laid up 4-5hours a day which can hit at any time as really stopped my life ,my son is autistic so needs routine that I'm unable to give him and as a single mum it's hard. Iv looked up about HRT But all sites say the same. Thank you again for your response.when will you have your operation ?


I had a complete hyster with more endo removal and a surprise re-removal of my right ovary in April. I opted to keep my left ovary because I feel that for me the risks of being on HRT is too great for me (my body doesn't like any estrogen that I don't make), and 2. I am too young to go thru menopause ( I am 35) as it can really mess the body up for later in life.

You might be ok with no hrt, as the body and endo can still produce estrogen without the ovaries. Undoubtedly you will have to do a few trials to make sure the dosage is correct for you. Just be warned in case you didn't know, that HRT can still cause the endo to grow and thrive. My dr. told me that keeping my ovary was a risk because of it causing the endo to grow. I decided to take that risk.


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