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on-going issues... treatment options advice would be appreciated!

Hi ladies, just wondering if any of you have had on-going issues with mirena? had one fitted to aid symptoms last march 2014 and had a lap in June 2014 when I got my endometriosis diagnosis and they also found adhesions from my bowel onto my abdominal wall. I had improvements with mirena and bleeding is nowhere near as heavy as it used to be and it was regular for a time, but since Feb. this year it has been getting more irregular again with increased pain which I am now struggling with and on max dose of my painkillers. I've got a GP apt next week to see what can be done but am wondering if any of you had a similar situation and what was your next treatment option?

Thanks ladies



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Hi Ruth... I too had the mirena fitted as treatment after a lap.... I had a year of agonising pain... My body was trying (and failing) to expel it from me... Eventually I had the wretched thing removed and the pain was gone instantly. I guess my uterus didn't like a foreign object in there... I wish you the best of luck 😊

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I had a mirena put in in Jan, replaced in march when had laparoscopy and had it removed couple of weeks ago due to awful pain. We did try buscopan which is a smooth muscle relaxant to see if we could force it to settle, it did help a little at first. maybe worth a try, ultimately I felt so much better after having it removed had not realised quite how ill it was making me.

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