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Hi I'm 20 and got diagnosed last year, even though they burnt my endo away I've still had non stop problems. Just can't seem to find a treatment that works for me, i just constantly feel self conscious about my stomach, especially during ovulation and when I'm on my period, does anyone know any good tips to help so it doesn't look so big, it may seem like a stupid thing to ask but I just want to feel comfortable again

Thanks :)

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  • Hi Sarahlouuu, so sorry to hear about your endo and the bloating. :-( it is horrid isn't it. Some of the tips I've heard over the years include:

    - buying maternity jeans/ clothing (seems hard I know when we have a disease that can affect fertility) as they are more comfy

    - looking at diet/ nutrition and working out whether foods such as bread, dairy etc might make your bloating worse (there are some interesting books out there - Henrietta Norton's book for example)

    Personally, things I do to help me feel better about my bloated tummy include wearing bright colours (it cheers me up and I hope detracts from my swollen belly!), eating lots of fruit and veg which I find helps my digestion and not drinking alcohol - which seems to do me no good at all.

    Good luck and take care x

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