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Morning n a big thankyou to everyone on this site who has taken the time to write back to me, I have just returned home from being in hospital for 8 days! I went last tues to have my laparotomy to wake up to being told I have had a abdominal hystercotomy I was very shocked but glad it's over! But speaking to my consultant he said endo n adynomisosis was so severe that the only option was to remove my womb!

After the shock, I'm very very emotional to say the least, n the pain is gonna sound weird but feel better inside, but excruciating wind pains!!! They also nipped my bowel:-( which couldn't be helped due to everything being stuck together!!

Day 9 now still in a lot ov pain with wind but glad to be home,

I guess the scar(which is from pubic bone to above my belly button) looks awful, BUT IF IM GOING TO BE PAIN FREE!!!!! Then hey a scar is nothing.x

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I'm so glad you are starting feeling better and this surgery is over now! :)

Wishing you all the best, speedy recovery and to be pain free forever!!! :) Take good care of yourself and dont lift any weights at all!

Jo xx

"and dont lift any weights at all! "....I find Belgian chocolates are actually a very good weight lifting exercise at times like this. Essential exercise in fact.

Get Very Well Very Soon AndyPandy.

Lol thankyou.xxxx

Chocolate weight is always allowed!!! I have great experience in this too :D xxx

Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery. I agree that chocolate is the way to go to recovery!

Wishing you well for a speedy recovery x

Hi Andypandy,

Wishing you a speedy recovery with lots of rest and chocs.


Hi chicken, we have matching scars ! Thinking of you x I was euphoric to get home after my stint in hosi ! I had 28 staples ? . Only joking .well done for getting through it xx

Hi lol I beat u I had 29 means I'm fatter!! I'm in sooo much pain but had them out today ouch!!! N I got a water infection:/( so bad day today, n I carnt stop crying what's that about?xxx

If I learnt anything from my c-section it's that you've got to shout if things aren't right. Sounds like you need to go back to your GP and demand they look into your pain and emotional symptoms. Possibly an emergency referral to your gyno. They should aldo be offering you help, hormonal and emotional for what you're going through. Bless you! ((((Hugs))))

Crying is bereavement and shock, and 'normal' under the circumstances, and good for you too, to have a release of emotion.

Having been forced in to menopause and losing your womanly plumbing is a very final event. Something that you do need to come to terms with emotionally as well as getting the facts in to your head, you do have to adjust.

Then throw in the sudden depletion of hormones and i'm not in the smidgiest surprised that you are teary and emotional over this.

You've been through a lot there, and a sniffle or two is understandable.

i'm wondering if the 'infection' has anything to do with retention and not having a full flushing bladder for a few days. Or it could have been introduced from having a catheter in hosp and taken a few days to build up steam.

if the blues don't ease up, and sometims they don't post surgery, then anti-depressants might be required for a short spell. Not yet though, see how you go, it's still very early days in the big scheme of things. Hugs

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