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Zoladex and IVF


I was diagnosed with stage 4 Endometriosis 2 years ago i am 28 years old now and have had two laps - one diagnosis and one to laser the endo of my ovary's and bowel, i actually had one ovary stuck to my stomach wall due to the adhesions. The pain was so severe i was hospitalized on many occasions. After a lot of different treatment methods and trying to conceive attempts i decided to try Zoladex. I have to say besides the hot flushes etc it is the best thing ever and has completely changed my life. I have now been referred for IVf and am waiting for my first consultation. Does anyone have any advise on how this works - whether i will have to come off the Zoladex for 12 weeks before starting treatment or if it can be used as part of the IVF treatment as i am worried if i come off the injections the endo is going to get worse again and i cant risk the pain coming back.


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Hi I have stage 4 endo and after ttc naturally for 2 years had IVF in January and I am now pregnant. I've never taken zoladex so can't advice on that I'm afraid.

If you join Infertility Network UK on this forum there is loads of info on IVF and lots of ladies at different stages of treatment. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have, and good luck x

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Thank you for your advice, will do that, and very happy for you that IVF has worked, gives me hope x


zoladex turns your ovaries off so prevents egg formation.... it also

causes birth defects, it would pay to research as much as possible, i have found that most doctors rarely discuss major stuff like this and you might not even be accepted for ivf whilst taking this....


I spoke to my consultant at John Radcliffe and she said they can sometimes use zoladex as the first stage of IVF as it does pretty much the same as the IVF drugs shuts everything down for a week or two before the Hypo stimulation the get your ovaries to produce lots of eggs. So i just wanted to see if anyone has gone through this process. I've done a lot of research on it but mainly posts from the states. getting different answers some saying it works some saying its dangerous, all a bit confusing. Ill wait to speak to the fertility doctor and see what they recommend.


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