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Hi all hope everyone's doing well (as they can be)

I've posted about prostap before but this is a different question, I have my first appt with a new consultant on Thursday and I no this is going to be the stupidest question ever but do I tell him about everything my previous consultant said? Reason being she wanted to start me on prostap but I suffer with osteoarthritis of both knees and a hip and the more I look into this the more im thinking this really isn't a good idea especially suffering with OA, I'm just wondering whether anyone else has had this injection suffering with similar conditions, I'm writing down everything I want to ask the new consultant as I no once I get in there there will be things I forget x x

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Hi Hutchy

Did you read the referral letter? You need to know what is being said in that first. If not ring your GP practice and get a copy. Failing that I've opened many a referral letter and taken a copy then printed off a new envelope. Medical care is now a partnership and all decisions must be made jointly, which includes what goes in the letter. It might seem insignificant in the great scheme of things, but I've seen so many of my letters after the event and have been horrified by what's been written. With endo GPs generally have so little knowledge that they can really confuse things by things they write about you.

Second, write out a chronological summary of your own recording all your relevant history, what's been done, what's been found etc so that you can start the consultation as a self-aware person wanting to make sure they know everything.

Regarding GnRH agonists have a read of the ESHRE guidelines for endo management (page 34, section 2.2.3) and take a copy of it with you. These are the guidelines that underpin how endo should be treated. You will see that the efficacy of GnRHa's is controversial anyway and the side effects are highlighted as a serious consideration. It particularly states that young women shouldn't be given them because their bone mass won't be fully developed and you will fall into that same category for your own reasons. I would say that on no account should you take them. When did you last have a DEXA scan and what was the result - you could take that if you have it. x



Hi Lindle

I'm finally seeing the consultant (or team member) that you advised me about at RVI so thank you very much you've been a great help, I've just rang the surgery to get a copy of the letter the were abit flabbergasted as to why I wanted a copy I just said it was my rite! Ive had every time if scan but never a DEXA Scan which when I think about it is pretty silly really considering the OA and the fact I've been having knee and hip operations for the last 15yrs, I'm writing everything down from start to finish I somehow don't think I'll be sleeping tonight and best buy a new notepad... I'm pleased it's not just me that thinks prostap is a no no for me one I always feel a second opinion makes you feel more certain that you were rite x


Hi again - I have just realised that as we were talking about prostap I read your OA as osteoporosis. So your bone density is hopefully not such a direct issue as I previously thought but at the same time I wouldn't think anything that can weaken your bones is a good idea when you have joint weakness. At the end of the day it's theoretically for your 'benefit' in easing pain and the current thinking definitely seems to be going down the road of risks outweighing any temporary benefit. It is your choice and you must go with your instincts and if you want to carry on using pain killers they have to respect this. I realise they haven't actually advised it and we are just speculating but best to be fore-armed.

I laughed when you said about your GP practice being flabbergasted at you wanting a copy of your referral letter! For heaven's sake Hutchy, anyone would think it's your body we are talking about!! x


I expect you saw joint pain as a possible symptom too so there would be no predicting the implications of that on your OA. Heaven forbid that it might worsen it. x


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