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im gutted, recieved a letter from my place of employment this morning asking me to sign a consent form for me to have a occupational health assessment !!!

poopingmyself, feel like total and utter crap, isnt it enough im in all this pain and they are fully aware of the massive op i am waiting for, (hysterectomy).

dont know what to think

anyone experianced one of these could you please message me and let me know what exactly happens in these things.

thanks all.


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Hi hun.

Don't worry honestly it's just protacol. I had this aswell after I had been signed off for 4 months due to the pain I was suffering and because I was waiting for a appointment with the consultant.

They were really basically they ask you what is going I with you medically, and they are able to offer you there services as in they offered me some physiotherapy.

They are also there to help you return if and when you are able to, they make suggestions like a phased return if you are ready for that. But they won't make you do it before you are well enough.

Basically hun it's nothing to worry about.

I hope this helps

Jo xx

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thank you jo. you have set my mind at ease a little its always going to be there worrying away untill its over buy at least i can message you.

sending hugs to you x


Yeah I was really worried I thought they were trying to sack me because I had been of for a while.

But it was just them trying to offer support. They lady said they used to have more power where theu can help move hospital appointments up, but they can't anymore.

It will be ok hun if you want to talk pm me xx


thank you i really do appretiate it. x


That's ok hun. Please let me know how it all goes.

An having to consider a hysterectomy as I recently been diagnosed with Adenomyosis.

I feel really anxious about it but so desperately want to be pain free.

Sending you hugs xx


I agree with Jo. I had one recently too when off due to migraines. The lady could not have been more helpful and was only concerned with getting me back to normal and back to living my life.

Be honest as they are not there to catch you out but to help you. Usually you can see a copy of the report before they send it to your employer so you can check it represents what you discussed and they haven't made any errors.

Don't be phased or worried please it is a formality but there to help you too

Mich x

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Thank you mich. X



I work in HR and deal a lot with Absence Management, in cases of regular or long term absence with an underlying medical condition I would refer to Occupational Health for advice on support the business can offer to support an individual at work. it is a supportive measure to help whoever you work for - generally a manager or organisation aren't medically trained and occupational health can answer specific questions about reasonable adjustments they can make!

Please don't worry! it's to support you!



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