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Spotting after zoladex and starting for a baby

Sorry I feel like I am repeating myself and going on but I had my last zoladex injection in January, and been in edge about my period returning today I got some spotting not blood but the browny stuff(sorry to gross you lot out! Ha) and it wasn't a lot either but I just wonder if this is a sign of my period returning. I'm desperate to start trying for a baby so I'm hoping this is a sign. I've also being having a nose bleed for over a week, not heavy just when I blow my nose a bit of blood comes out? Anybody share some knowledge or advice would be appreciated. Hope you all have a good weekend xxx

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Hi, I have no advice but I am exactly in the same situation, just coming off prostap and waiting for my period ( in my case to do hormones testing for ivf) I had some brown spotting as well and same nose bleed for a few days, both gone now. Hopefully someone can offer some advice. I never thought I will be so desperate for my period to come! X


Following my lap in November 2013, I went on provera to stop periods for 6 months with the plan to start trying for a baby after the course. I did have a very light brownish period like you are describing the first time but it did get heavier and was very stop, start for 3 weeks. I contacted the dr who said it was normal following treatment as the brown at the beginning was old blood from before the treatment. I was also told by my gynae that it was unlikely l would be ovulating straight away and it takes the body some time to get back to 'normal'.

I came off provera in June and we conceived at the end of November so relatively quickly! Unfortunately we lost our baby last month but are able to start trying again next week now that my body has recovered and we're both emotionally ready. I wish u lots of luck, be patient and try not to stress over it. Xx


Thank you for your response, first of all in so sorry to hear for your loss and I wish you all the luck when trying again. My period has came properly now and I'm going to start trying, I have ovulation kits so will hopefully get clarity from them. X


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