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Hey oh yep im new

Hello im 34 and have 3 lovely beautiful children i have pcos at the age of 15 when i reach an age that i wonted children i had lots of trouble conceiving but once i got going they all came along at once 4,3 years old and 18 months when i had my 18 month old i started with lots of aches and pain with alot of fatigue and a host of other symptoms anyway im just about to get my final diagnosis its taken 18 months getting here over the last 6 months my Periods are getting heavy and very painful all over every month. I'll go back alittle stay with me so my Periods never came one after another sometime every 3 months or 6 months i wasn't on any contraception pill for around 10 years so you get the picture of infertility i never had heavy or painful i was slim and eat healthy even tho i then got diagnoses with tp1 diabetes at 23 but anyway...get back to know my period are out of cantrol ever since having my last baby ive had a period evry month get more and more painful and heavy right to the end and can last for 1week and half which can be normal but i dont just get stomach cramps i get pain from head to foot its sort of muscular pain and sharp and i sorry for this but i get clots lots of them ive had a smear and it was normal ive had a chat with my gp and all she said was go on the mini pill which i had anything to do with hormone sends me wappy really need advice pls thank you for reading laura

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Forgotten to mention about ovulation get the pain for about 4 hours 2 week befor my p and another thing when i get the pain all over my legs,arms,shoulders,back,ribs ect.. its like a vibrating tho my body its horrible


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