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Scared of laparoscopy

Hello All,

As all of you i am suffering fro horrible pain and extensive beading during my period. I was ignored for years doctors told me it will all pas with age, it never did, I am 30 now and still in agony every month, it feels like I lost my body like I am not the same person, no painkiller helps, plus now we are trying for a baby for a while and no positive result. I went to private hospital had some tests done they said its most probably endo, and I need laparoscopy I would do it straight away but I have heart condition called WPW and I heard that gas they are lowing you for surgery cause your heart palpitations which my hear have frequently anyway, when asked doctor about that she said that she is not able to answer if its safe 9 not very assuring) so I am very scared but now I am on edge of breakdown pain is just so bad, I don't know if I am worse with age or perhaps my endo is progressing. I am not sure if anyone had similar situation or perhaps there is doctor on this forum.

Please Help

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Hi there,

I can understand where you are coming from as I was also quite scared of going through the laparoscopy for the first time which was back in 2013. I suffer from very low blood sugar and Asthma and was worried about going under the general anaesthetic but was totally fine :-)

I researched your heart condition and there are other ladies out there with your condition that also have been through a laparoscopy. I actually found a page that tells you how they dealt with it:


hope they let me paste it on here.

Are you on any medication for your heart conditions?

I am on meds for my Asthma and the Drs just made sure I took them before I went for my laparoscopy.

I am so glad I went for my laparoscopy & dye test back then as it showed us why I was in so much pain for 18 years and why I never managed to get pregnant!! I am also 30 years old and my partner and I tried for a baby for 3 years. I have blocked fallopian tubes which is why I never got pregnant naturally and they also removed a fair amount of Endometriosis back then.

Been through an IVF cycle which unfortunately failed :-(

I wish you all the best and lots of good luck! xx

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