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Pain Clinic - Nerve Blocker

Hi all,

Been referred to a pain clinic and attended in last month, not really sure what to make of it. I was asked a few questions by I'm guessing a pain specialist and then was advised the only option would be to receive a nerve blocker injection so I've been referred to this specialist (got the appt for May). Has anyone ever heard of this?

My pain is very sporadic and last a few seconds of stabbing pain and I can't work out where the pain comes from although it feels like lower right side on my ovary and sometimes a dull ache in my groin. I did ask how would the specialist know which nerves to block if I wasn't sure where the pain was coming form but he said I would need to ask the other specialist. I feel a bit apprehensive about doing something like this when my pain is so sporadic and also is not to the extent that I know some people suffer.

Any thoughts on this?


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Hi hun.

I've also been seen at the pain unit at Saint thomas.

They did mention the nerve blocker injection, but first they made me try a TENSE machine, since I told them I'm trying to conceive and don't want to take any risk.

This didn't really bring me much relief, so they might see me again.

Apparently endo can damage surrounding nerves, including the pudendal nerve which i think is the one bothering me.

I hope others chime in to give you more answers


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