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Start stop period due to Adenomyosis??

Hi, I have endo (have for approx 20 yrs). My periods have always been regular + or - 1 day until approx 9 months ago. Since then it's been all over the show ranging from 9 days late to 7 days early & twice my period had started full flow one day, stopped dead later that evening only to start again the next day. I thought maybe at 39 it was the perimenopause. I have other symptoms including pain & being unable to insert tampons after 1st day of period anymore. Was referred to endo specialist who thinks I have Adenomyosis based on an extremely painful internal exam. I can't seem to find any reference to periods starting and stopping as being a symptom of Adenomyosis so wondered if anyone else had experienced this? Have decided am definitely coming back as a man if there's next time! :)

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Wow so nice to have someone to speak too,I've been having this too, it starts then stops an the pain is horrific always, but for some reason on starting then stopping day 1 an 2, by day 3 my pain gets worse sharp an spikey I call it x it makes me sick.

I also can't find any references to this and I won't let anyone or thing near me again after my last internal ! that pain isn't normal and was doubled over for 4 hours after it too . I feel such a wuss but this is very real, waiting for a lap have endo also for 20 yrs but had never heard of adenomyosis before coming on here x x hugs to u am sad for your pain x


Thanks for responding. I'm sorry you too are in pain and have what I've now called a lottery period!

I did find mention on another forum that cysts on the ovaries can cause hormonal changes making periods irregular and start/stop. I do know I have chocolate cysts on both ovaries and am due in March to have excision surgery for the endo and sadly a hysterectomy for the Adenomyosis. I sometimes wonder now which is causing me the most pain - the Adeno or endo!

Don't feel like a wuss. Adenomyosis pain has been likened to labour pains and appendicitis and only an ignorant fool would call people going through labour or appendicitis a wuss!

I know what you mean by painful internal. My last Papsmear was awful. I literally felt like I was being attacked with a knife and had to ask the nurse to stop twice. She was less then sympathetic. I think she thought I was a wuss stating "you haven't had children have you"? Thanks for the reminder - grr!

I think I was lucky my consultant picked up on Adenomyosis straight away really from an internal exam - it was as if he knew what he was looking for and was apologetic afterwards saying he was sorry he had to do it but he wanted to be sure.

Whilst I'm worried about having a hysterectomy when I still consider myself relatively young (39) part of me will will also be glad I won't have to endure another smear test ever again!

Best wishes, X


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