I'm new to this I had my first appointment with my gynaecologist on Tuesday and he suspects I have endometriosis as my mother also has it so he has now started me on the Zoladex injection and I am only 19 so I was just wondering what peoples thoughts are on it?

Any feedback will be appreciated as I am in a lot of pain and am just looking for the best way forward.

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Hi. My advice would be to do lots of research before you embark upon anything such as this. I turned this treatment down, but then I am 20 years older than you (arghh!) and no doubt have different circumstances. This forum is amazing, look under topics and you will find lots of guidance. Everyone is different but I would not go into anything like this blindly. Good luck. X

I agree with Marie9. Definitely do your research. I've had two courses of Zoladex. Idsuffered badly with side effects with the first course but it helped with my pain. However, the second course didn't help with my pain but I took hrt and that helped the side effects.

There's a new train of thought that the GnRH analogues don't actually suppress the endo but simply help with pain management however I'm not sure how valid that is.

Everyone reacts differently to the treatment so I expect you'll hear good and bad stories. It's important to do some research and then make an informed decision.

Sorry to hear you're in so much pain though. It's not pleasant and I feel for you.

Is there any reason why you're not getting a laparoscopy to determine if you do have endo or not?

I am now on the waiting list for a lap but in the mean time they are giving me the Zoladex as I am in to much pain to even get out of bed and I have tried all the painkillers and even the pill but nothing seems to work. So I'm hoping this injection will do the trick and I am willing to take on all the side effects that come with it aslong as the pain stops. Thankyou soo much for the feedback though.

Zoladex is quite a bold treatment to start on if you've only been diagnosed (it's also used in treatment of breast cancer). Has your endo been confirmed, perhaps with a diagnostic laparoscopy?

Talk it through with your doctor and read through the different discussion boards on here. Every treatment is different for every person, so for one who had a bad treatment, several more had a successful one.

Good luck! X

Hello....I sufferred from endimitriosis since my 30's. I opted to have the laparoscopy done to remove them. Im notmsure what stage you are. Please though understand I am not a Dr and do not take my advise to heart but my experience. Todaynat 47 I was offerred Zoladex which I turned down as it pushes you I to menapuase. And only to find out after been diagnosed with breast cancer that endimitriosis can cuase re occurance. So either I take Zoladex or have a hysteractomy. At the time I had the endimitrioisis my ghni suggested an op and no other meds should I want to fall pregnanat. Do your research and get another opinion of you have to. These meds create havoc to some bodies ....and you so young. There might be other options. Hope it helped.

Hi there I had Endo at a very early stage and suffered a lot of pain dora few years. I personally found exercise and a great duet really helped at first but then I couldn't stay pregnant. Could get pregnant but kept miscarriaging so I went back to my specialist and she suggested surgery. Had surgery then got pregnant straight away had two gorgeous kids then miscarried again and noticed my endo coming back. I left it for a while and just jeot fit and ate well and the pain was bearable. Then found it had travelled to my lung and was put on Zolerex and Depo which did nothing to control my symptoms or the endo growth. I spose what I want to say is that it seems extreme to go straight onto Zolerex when surgery can really give some relief especially if you are onto it so early in your life. I had no side effects from Zolerex but I think my circumstances are different given it was given for endo in my lung. I would explore surgery, diet etc first x. Good luck

Naproxen is amazing with pain if you're just starting out with no side effects. I'm on my fourth zoladex waiting for my 3rd op. Taking hrt for side effects. The injection hurts but I can't wait to have the top up as the endo pain is bad

Try something less if its not definite or confirmed

Good luck!

Zoladex has transformed my life! I've had 15 laparoscopies and have endo on my bowel, ureta, ovaries etc. I've suffered for our 20 years now. The pain is unbearable for about 3 weeks of a month but it's all gone away since being on zoladex. I don't have children at the moment due to the fertility problems it has caused however I don't mind as being on zoladex means I can lead a normal life for a few months. It seems quite extreme to put you straight on zoladex but if they plan to do this and combine it with a laparoscopy it would make more sense. A lot of people find the side effects of zoladex quite hard but to be honest in my case it is nowhere near as bad the pain I was in before! Everyone is different, I think we all find what works for us over time. X

Zoladex was a life saver for me. I am now at the end of my second 6 month course of it and am dreading the day it wears off and the pain returns. I decided not to take the HRT with it and had hot flushes very occasionally, other than that no other side effects. It was great to have my life back again and not to be in pain for 2 to 3 weeks every month.

I know a lot of people on here are not fans of it and say it is a powerful drug but endo symptoms are very powerful and ruin your life. For me it was fantastic.

The injections can hurt slightly but it is nothing compared to the pain from endo. You can have a monthly injection or a 3 monthly injection (only 2 injections if on a 6 month course).

Hope all goes well for you.

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