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Waiting for Laparoscopy

Hi, I was refered to a gynaecologist after moving and changing to a new GP. After about 14 years of struggling with periods I've now had a baby 2 years ago. I Breast fed him and had no periods for another year after that, when they started again they were so heavy and painful, I literally thought I was having a miscarriage!

My GP was rubbish, I went to her and said that my Mum has endometriosis and has had 1 ovary removed due to cysts and my symptoms were exactly the same, she told me it would definitely not be endo and wouldn't refer me to a gynaecologist, even after asking!

Thankfully I moved in September and one day my period was so bad I went to the doctors on an emergency appointment and he said I needed to see a gynaecologist soon (hallelujah!)

Saw the gynaecologist on 29th December and he said he would book me in to have a laparoscopy. I'm having it done in a local small hospital and was told I wouldn't have to wait long, I'm just wondering

A) How long is the normal wait for an appointment (haven't even received a letter with a date for the op yet)

b) what's it like and what is recovery like, as I have a very demanding 2 year old, who likes me to do things with him a lot!



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Hi, I got my appointment within 3 months. My wee girl was three at the time. I took about 2 weeks to be pain free from the procedure but everyone is different, you are advised you shouldn't lift your son for about 6 weeks as its still abdominal surgery. Hope this helps.


Thanks, that's helpful. Thankfully he's at an age where he can walk and not have to be lifted too much! X


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