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Should I go to the doctors?

This probably sounds like a strange question but I am a bit confused. My symptoms have suddenly stopped and I am 11 days late. I have the coil but I did a pregnancy test anyway. It was negative. I have periods but I bleed quite a lot in between.

The thing is my symptoms have been really severe since September. Whilst it is a huge relief to be pain free, I'm finding it all unsettling and strange. I literally got up one day and there was nothing?

Am I just being a distrustful Endo sufferer or can this happen?

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Sounds like maybe it's doing it's job? I have occasional days where I barely hurt, and it makes me nervous too. ;) I would give it a bit longer, then see if you need to contact your dr.


Thanks. I know how crazy I sound but it just so out of the blue.


Pffft. Nothing sounds crazy to me when it comes to endo. Don't worry about it, ask away.


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