Hello, I have endometriosis, but a life too!

Oooo, that felt good saying! I have lived in a wonderful world where I ignore it, struggle on and pretend all is fine and this forum has made me realise it's okay to admit something is wrong!

I had a cyst and endo zapped at 24, was told to hurry up and have kids, haven't but did a lot of other cool stuff, and then at 35 we started trying with a not too surprising story following. Reading your stories I think I have a high pain threshold and a body that hides things but I have still never been right. Surgery last week was good, except a mis-communication still means I have tubes and need more surgery before IVF. That upset me no end! However, it is nice to stretch and not feel like I am glued together inside for the first time in ages though!

Today I have decided not to cry all day any more, I'm getting sick of myself! I am meant to be a big strong woman right? Lol, anyway between the odd sneaky sobs I am working on getting better and getting back to work, which I love, and then the next step. I would say by the end of the summer IVF will have started. I think my attitude could my biggest barrier if I feel sorry for myself. Something's changed this week though and I have admitted I need help and support, well as a couple we do, a broken leg is fine to talk about with friends so what's different? So, I'll be popping on here more often and hoping to help anyone else who's having a wobble too.

If any of you are in West Wales please get in touch, there's no support group this side of Cardiff and (although the online one is fab) I would be up for tea / cake / walks with anyone around here for a natter.

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  • Forgot to say that my head has been so full recently I finally, after months of chaos, decided to keep a diary so I could get it all out of head and make more room for nicer things like holidays or chocolate. If it helps anyone else to see a time scale etc then it's here….. getjealous.com/blog.php?go=...

  • Good for you !I'm loving your attitude really healthy don't know if you do this but I have ups with all of this and downs as well depends where my endo is taking me !at the moment I'm on a slump having to make decsions regarding bowel surgery etc but prior to this I had a fantastic 18 months of bliss with no pain on zoladex oh well I just keep thinking of my next up they are there to be treasured when they come along

    Thankyou for your post it's so nice to hear some positive thoughts!!!xxxx

  • Thank you, being at home on my own this week has been really hard as too much time to think so kicked myself up the bum yesterday , I think I was running out of tears :) Had also just had a lecture from my sister about putting myself before others….will continue to try my best! Hang in there, life is all up and down anyway, I guess we just get an extra reason for it sometimes. I do get them and its not always endo but now I think back, a lot of it is related. Have a good day! Hope the sun is shining wherever you are! :)

  • Thank you for sharing this, you've really helped me feel better and more positive :) Sounds like you are on the right road, fantastic xx

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