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So annoyed!!!

Sorry, I just need a rant and no one else will get it!

Called the hosptial and finally spoke to the registrar after surgery on Wednesday and no feedback (apart from something muttered in the recovery room). So, L tube and ovary are still rather stuck and tube filled but they managed to do a fair bit of work on the right side. Its a balance between cutting adhesions and damaging bowel, which is not advisable! I had a large endometrioma on the right ovary and was congratulated on what must be a high pain threshold as apparently it must have been there a long time. The tube looks damaged too but not as much so they think get on with IVF now and don't wait. I asked why they didnt just remove the tubes then and, as suspected, she said I didn't seem super sure that I would have IVF before the surgery so they left them. I am GUTTED!!!!!!! This means I have to go back to have them removed, and again it'll take a while as they are not easy to get to and have basically the same surgery again!!! So upset, have spent the last hour balling my eyes out. I knew the conversation was rushed before hand as she was running late doing my consent and getting to theatre. Hubbie thought she'd got what I was saying in that we probably will have IVF but need to think a bit more. I nearly called her back and so should have done before she rushed off. If she had said 'Do you want us to remove them if they are broken?' I would have said yes! Who wants to walk aruond with rubbish tubes if they are useless and might will need removing at a later date?!!!

I have said to put me down for surgery ASAP, no point killing anyone over it now I suppose, and apparently that'll be May or June. I have sent them an email and implied that they screwed up so perhaps earlier would be better please!!! Spoke to the IVF people, they'll be seeing us in March for a first appointment, and then once that's done we can start as soon as I'm recovered from surgery....so they need to hurry up! I am really upset I didn't just say 'whoooo, IVF, can't wait', then they might have removed them.

Moral of the story is do not let the experts out of the room before surgery before you have asked every question that they should do! I can see why they err on the side of caution as you can't replace something you remove but honestly it was a no brainer! Well body, you'll just have to defy science now and get pregnant in the next 3 months anyway!

Dear under 30's have kids soon!!! Don't wait :)

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