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Is my endo spreading?Bowel endo symptoms?

I spoke to my surgeon the other week about bleeding through my bum when on my period and he just told me that Classic endometriosis, im on my first batch of zoladex, is this a symptom? the last few days I've had gas like I've never had it before, and I'm sorry to get graphic, But im not actually passing stools its like a slimy substance mixed with blood, I have to go the toilet every time to pass wind. and when I have passed a stool my endo in my abdomen- wow the pain nearly makes me throw up, I hate to ask but is this normal for endo? sorry I only got diagnosed with severe endo a few week ago so I'm just learning everything that comes with it :(

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Hi I have this symptom too, exactly the same

My consuktant said it may be because of Adenomyosis, endo growing in the womb muscle as my womb is swollen and resting on my bladder and bowel making going to toilet painful, he fitted a mirena coil for the hormone to shrink my womb, I have to wait 3 months to see if it works

Other than that it could be you have endo actually on your bowler, or pouch of Douglas or somewhere that is irritating your bowel, he will need to investigate on your laparoscopy

Good luck




Exactly the same problems, they are trying to work out whether the endometriosis is also in the bowel as well as the pelvis! They seem to think if you have one kind somewhere else the chance of having it In your bowel too is very high.

I seem to find the medication is helping the womb endo but it hasn't helped the bowel problems yet :(


Endo on your bowel is not "Classic Endo" the involvement of the bowel can be fairly serious especially if it is 'Deep Endo' which infiltrates the lining of the bowel and can end up on the inner lining. I have deep endo and have had two operations on my bowel but never have I bled or passed unusual stools, I do however (prior to surgery) have a lot of pain and struggle to go. I think you need a second opinion hun.

Any rectal bleeding and changes in toilet habits should be taken seriously to rule out anything sinister anyway.

One thing you will learn as an endo sufferer is that if you have anything at all going on in your abdomen it will be put down to endo and basically brushed to one side, you have to be firm and clear on what level of treatment you expect and if you don't think it's endo don't let them tell you otherwise, you know your body.

I hope you get answers and feel better soon xxx


There are loads of side effects for zoladex. As far as Endo goes, it seems to affect everyone differently depending on where in the body it is.


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