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Hi all, I've suffered with horrific period pains since I first started my periods and as i have got older they have got worse. I have had 5 miscarriages all before the 12 week point with the last 3 years. Before i had a miscarriage i remember going to the doctors telling him how my pains were happening in between periods and he said it was ''Ovulation Pain''. Now these have happened and the pains i get just don't feel healthy at all - Stabbing/sharp pains at the top of my leg also with back pain and headaches and tiredness. I have been for blood tests to see why the miscarriages keep happening and there not coming back with any cause. I know there is other tests that can be done but I live on the Isle of Man and the health care is not great here. I have came across reading about Endometriosis and all the symptoms sounds so familiar. I have been messed around by the hospital over here - after everything they wouldn't even give me a smear because I am not yet 25. I am thinking of getting this all tested privately. Can anyone advise on the best women's hospital specialized in Gynecology please? I need answers after 3 years and no explanation.

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Hi I'm sorry you're having such a hard time, I'm from the Channel Islands and all my treatment ended up being through nhs because they couldn't treat here as it was severe endo and they weren't prepared to operate. There is a website and this gives the centres of excellence for endo, I would imagine that getting an appointment with one of these in the first instance could only be a good thing. Good luck x

Hi Linds123, I am also from the Channel Islands, there is an excellent consultant Gynae in Jersey that I would highly recommend, I don't think we can put names here so PM me if you are interested. SamaraC I was treated in the UK here

Hi I have had all my treatment now (hysterectomy) but we're tied to the contracts that have been set up so prob why they don't consider jersey. The one I had is on the endo centre of excellence list so was in good hands! Thanks fro the reply x

Hi there, not sure if you've found anyone but I would recommend dr divers here in the Isle of Man I am suffering with endo and he is just amazing, get back to the doctors and be asked to be referred to him xx

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