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After hysterectomy

Hi girls hope u all r well .....A week leading up to Christmas...Hi have a quick question that I hope anyone can help me... It's 2 months since I had a total hysterectomy removed everything due to endometriosis. .

I'm just wondering why after sex do I get cystitus. ...its happened now after every time even if there is no sperm. I hope someone has an answer

Thank u girls wishing u all a healthy Christmas and Happy New year.

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I had a total hysterectomy two years ago. I also was having cystitis and was put on 6 lots of antibiotics without success. I have not been diagnosed with intestinal cystitis but I believe this is what I am suffering with. Diet has helped a lot but I still have flares. Up until the surgery I only once had cystitis in my twenties and I am in my fifties now.


Thank you for your reply ....

I've had 2 lots of antibiotics and think that it's all gone then guess what ....After sex it's back again....

Thank you again for your reply. . Hope you have a good and healthy Christmas and Happy New year. Xx


Hi, I've been having the same issue and seem to be finding that cranberry juice and lots of water help. Making sure you go to the loo before and afterwards if you can.

It also helps if the sex does not go on for hours!


Could it be that there is a problem with your urethra. After surgery so close to that area i have been told that it could be disturbed and cause some issues. It maybe that you need to go see a urologist.

I wonder wheither or not the tubes may be getting squeezed more now there is no womb cushioning them?

Best bet is to speak to your doctor or see if you can get your previous consultant to answer you back about it.


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