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Biopsy on Endometriosis?

Hi there,

I am joining as I hope I can get some advice from a friend, who lives in France, like I do, but does not speak English well enough to write her story here herself. So here is her story:

My friend is 34, just had her second child (4 months), and has a family history of cervical cancer (mother and maternal grandmother) as well as endometriosis (sister).

My friend visited her gynecologist yesterday, for what she thought was a routine visit. The doctor told her that her results from the previous visit were showing "pre-cancerous" cells. He examined her and asked if she had bleedings between periods, which she does, but she then also just had her baby...

Without explaining her anything, he said something about finding endometriosis and started cutting things out of her cervix...three times. It was very painful and she lost a lot of blood. The doc did not explain her what he was doing and she was too shocked to ask anything (and almost passed out because of all the blood). She felt completely mutilated and violated.

She and I are supposing he might have done a biopsy on the endometriosis he found in her cervix...does this make sense? Is this a common procedure when endometriosis is discovered? Would this explain the bleeding? Or did he maybe take away the endometriosis?

The most astonishing thing is that the doc told her to come back only in three months!!! SO we have no clue what he did, what this is procedure was about and most importantly when my friend will get treatment...if needed?

Needless to say, we are also trying to find her a specialist hospital center in Alsace, where we live, so that she never needs to see this gynecologist again. I saw you had great lists of specialists UK centers, is there a French patient organisation or lists of centers in France that you could point us to?

Thank you so much for any advice you can give us.

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Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your friend and what she went through with her visit to the gyno doctor. I honestly believe what the doctor did was very wrong. Your friend should not have bleed so much while taking a biopsy or be in so much pain.

when Taking biopsy the gynaecologist doctor should at least numbed the area completely so She wouldn't feel any pain or put her to sleep. Unfortunately to hear the results it takes time unless they found something then they would call you in sooner.

I would make a complaint if I was your friend.

Hope she can get this sorted out quickly and see another gynaecologist.


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