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Dismissed from my job!!

Dismissed from my job!!

I am a member. I have recently been dismissed by the attendance management policy as i was at level 3.

I have an ongoing disability- when i got to level 2 last year my manager made some adjustments to triggers which allowed longer recovery time etc... Then i went to level 3- at the meeting with the matron she said she thought the amendments of triggers were to generous and took this away from me. Amending the triggers is the only real adjustment that could be made for my disability inline with the equality and diversity act.

I feel that she thinks my diaability is some sort of joke with saying the triggers werw too generous. Anyway i have been on treatment since last october and since then only had 3 episodes of sickness two of which were associated with headaches due to the side effects of medication and one in which i had a hospital admission and my manager visites me everyday witnessing the typenof pain i suffer.

Do i have a case if i appeal by saying there was a reasonable adjustment that could be made for me (adjusting the triggers of the attendance management policy). Or do i give up. All of the management team are behind me 100% and feel this is absolutely disgusting as i am genuinely ill. Also i have done 4 months solid since last sickness.

Any help would be appreciated thanks!

Please see the attached info on the photo above the pink paragraph!!

I feel outdone everybody from my job is very supportive of me all the managers etc... Except the one that dismissed me!!

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I am quite sure you have a case - was she able to produce decent grounds for amending your adjustments.

I would escalate this, and surely this is discrimination based on your diagnosis?

Talk to ACAS and citizens advice first and also try to contact HR or levels above this manager that dismissed you.

It is a disgrace. I am very sorry to read this.

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So sorry to hear this! Yes I agree with Yellow Rose, but do talk to Citizens Advice first.


Many thankyou for your responses. I have spoken to acas in length. They said this is a legal case and if i don't get anywhere with appeal then i must ring them back! I am disgraced. I am at the beginning of my career aswell!! This will have an impact on the rest of my life! The whole work team are behind me!! It's just the 1 person who has the power that's got rid of me! Believe me this isn't over! I was going to leave it. However, in my heart of hearts i know this isn't right!!


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