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Clomid and Cysts

Hi ladies, im looking for someone who has experience with Clomid. after 2 years of unsuccessfully trying for a baby i went to see the fertility nurse. Ive had my blood test and scans done. during my internal they found a cyst on my left ovary (i have no idea how big etc...). I had one removed from this ovary 18 months ago.

The nurse called me yesterday to say despite the cyst they have prescribed me Clomid and to start taking it as per the prescription. Im slightly concerned due to the fact that clomid causes cysts, this doesnt seem right they would prescribe it. Have any of you been through this? My next appointment isnt until December and cant be moved unfortunately so im looking for some greatly received advice from you lovely ladies!

Thanks in advance!

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I haven't tried it but I know people that have. My understanding is they like to try ladies on clomid first, prior to IvF, to see if that is enough to stimulate eggs etc. I don't know about the cyst thing but suggest you ask about that, but maybe as you're only going to be on it a few months they think it won't affect/increase your cysts in a short time span.

Assume you had your AMH blood test - your egg count? And your FSH to see if you're ovulating well, and producing a good quantity of eggs.

Two years is quite a long time to be trying, but hopefully the clomid will work! 4 people I know who took it, fell pregnant. Fingers crossed.

Good luck xx


Hi sgalg2010,ive been on clomid the last 3 months and ive been on it previously.ive got cysts on my ovaries,a couple more popped up but nothing major.last time I was on 50mg and didnt really suffer any side effects but this time I was on 100mg and just decided to come off it because I was having problems.im gutted cos I was ovulating as well.good luck to you and hope it all goes well.im here if you want to chat.xx


Sorry for the late reply haven't had much time to get online but thank you both for your reply. I have an appointment on 17th Dec so hopefully that will clarify things. I'm not going to collect it early as my partner doesnt feel comfortable with me taking it without understanding the risks etc.....! so we will see. Thanks again both of you!


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