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Endometriosis Specialist Appointment - what can I expect?

Hi all,

When I was diagnosed with Endo, it was by a Gyne - he performed a laparoscopy and removed the Endo, after that I was discharged from the hospital completely as the lap was deemed a success. The Endo symptoms came back 6 months later and my GP is referring me to an Endo Specialist as well as a separate Gyne appointment.

This probably seems like a stupid question, but what can I expect from my appointment with the Endo Specialist and how does it differ from a Gyne one?

Also when booking the appointment a note said that the there are two stages to the appointment - I'll start off by seeing a Nurse Specialist, who will then refer me to see a Doctor/Consultant, which is a 6-8 week minimum wait. Can anyone explain what happens when seeing the Nurse and what happens when seeing the Doctor? Can the Nurse arrange for treatment/laparoscopy or will I have to wait to see the Doctor?

It's already taken my GP 4 months to refer me to Endo/Gyne Clinic even though it's obvious my Endo has returned and another 3 months waiting to get an appointment.. I'm just concerned that it's going to be a long wait until any treatment is arranged for me :(

Thanks for any help! xx

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Have a read of the NHS protocol for treating endo at an endo centre - it will give you much better idea of what will happen



Hi i recently had my endo specialist appointment, its a lot longer than normal appointments but so much more helpful, i was diagnosed with endo 4yrs ago and was told by the hospital that i was being a hyprachondriac! Until i had a lap to remove a10cm dermoid cyst when they found the endo at a stagr one. I had a lap earlier this year to remove any endo but they failed to do so as they found it is now on the last stage as it has been left so long, it affects my ureta, my bladder, douglas pouch, ligaments and is so close to my bowel they had to stop as i could of woken up with a bag for wees. I have recently seen a endo specialist and explained how i had been treated to which he was quite gobsmacked and apologetic. I have been booked for another lap to remove endo in jan (the day before my bithday.) So fingers crossed they help. But the specialist was amazimg xxxx


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