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I had an op to get rid of my endo in July and was feeling really great but the pain slowly started coming back an now I'm back to pain meds ever day, stomach tabs to counter the pain meds and feeling like I'm back to square one again been to the doc and have an appointment at hospital and not really sure if I have the energy to do this all over again I've already had two ops this year! I'm only 25 and I'm not sure how long I'm going to have to do this circle for? Advice?? Xx

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What other treatments have you tried?


None that's all that was tried my GP has me taking my pill back to back for three months but I'm almost through with that and the pain is still getting worse daily x


I'm really sorry you're suffering so much. The truth is I don't have the answer, I just suffer through it too. I am a big advocate of keep on trying til you find the right option for you. I liked the implant. It's the progesterone only pill but in your arm. I hated it In pill form though. And many other people love the coil. I'm not on anything right now and I know how fast it's growing. It's gotten into my organs and my next step is hysterectomy. I really want another baby first though. But then I'm going to ask if I can have total excision off my bowel and everything, only one ovary removed, the implant and the mirena instead. As I hate the idea of going on hrt. I'm 24 by the way. You can request contraception yourself so if you can't get to see a gynae you can get these at least xxx



I feel exactly the same as you. My lap was in February and after the initial recovery period, I thought everything was sorted and I'd be endo/pain free. But for a few months I've been in pain and feel exactly as I did before the lap, it's very frustrating!!

I've been back to the GP about it, so now it's back to trying to eliminate the pain and the best way to do this.

I'm actually going to the hospital today to see a Dr about possible hormone treatment to see if this will help the pain. I'm past child bearing, I have my 3 kids, but obviously you're still young so this wouldn't be an option for you.

Anyway not sure if I want to go down that route yet, I will discuss this today as one option, otherwise I suppose another lap would be the answer, I don't know.

But go to your GP and see what they say.

From the posts that I've been reading on this site, unfortunately it seems that once you have endo, you're stuck with it, it never goes!!

Hope you get some relief. Xx


I'm very surprised your endo isn't being managed in anyway - unless it is completely cut away during the lap, it is always going to come back. There are lots of ways of managing this, from taking back-to-back pills, having the Mirena coil fitted, GNRH analogue injections etc. This is usually discussed at the follow-up appointmet after the lap. If you are still on your gynaes patient list, I'd recommend making an appointment to discuss your options. If you're not, ask your GP to refer you for further treatment - it doesnt have to be more surgery.


I have been on the mirena in the past but I fell pregnant while on it and then miscarried when they removed it so it's not really an option and when I was much younger I had the implant but it made me balloon so not great either I will ask about the GNRH injections I don't have an appointment until the 6th of November with the qynaes, the thing is just they always wanna feel my stomach and by the time they're done prodding I'm in tears and so much pain that I don't take in anything they say and struggle to get across wat I need to know, why do they need to so this? Xx


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