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Any good outcomes from MRI scan?


I have already being confirmed as having endo but it was only confirmed on my ureter and mild !

However my left ovary was adhered to my pelvic sidewall (which was freed at the time but feels like it had restuck I think possible to bowel) would an MRI show this?

Would really appreciate feedback as I will be paying for this privately. X

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Hi Yazza! :)

I'm not really sure, maybe you could try and get some sort of medical opinion before you go ahead and pay for one?

My own experience is that I had a private Pelvis / lumbar spine MRI and it didn't show anything, this then led me to think I didn't have Endo as I wrongly thought MRI's showed everything! When I asked my GP if an MRI showed Endo he was even unsure.

I do have Stage 4 endo in lots of places as discovered by Lap but the MRI never showed any of it. I don't have any adhesions or anything stuck together, but personally I would think that those aspects of Endo as they are sort of more "structural!" would show on an MRI but who knows! Hope that makes sense!

Take Care xx

If the ovary is stuck behind the uterus between it and the bowel - a transvaginal (internal) ultrasound would tell you that and would be cheaper than an MRI.

Neither scan will show all endo lesions. just the clues to possible endo by scarring and adhesions sticking things in the wrong places, endometrioma cysts, etc. they will not pick up the bulk of endo lesions which are the shallow surface growing sort.

TVUS is about £300 when done privately, though if you shop around you might get is cheaper,but factor in for extra transport costs. MRI scans anywhere from£350 to £700.

I was already diagnosed with endo and had had surgery before a planned Hysterectomy and they did a pre op MRI to see what was happening in there. When I was in theatre the surgeon (endo specialist) was shocked to see the extent of the damage to my internal organs, everything stuck together with adhesions inc bladder, uterus, bowel, appendix, ovary etc etc. I was four hours in surgery and he couldn't remove my uterus as planned because there was risk of damage to my bowel. What I'm illustrating is that even with a diagnosis and an experienced surgeon looking at the MRI result, it is not always possible to see the scope of the endo and adhesions.

Thank you all for your replies I appreciate your input. X

The ultrasound showed that my ovary was stuck but not what too. X

Hi, I had an MRI scan that showed endo but I had 2 large size cysts (that came out on an ultrasound that I had before) and also a large nodule between my uterus and bowel. So I guess it can do in some cases but as the others say you might have endometriosis and it might not show up the MRI.

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