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MRI Scan

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if my endometriosis tissue was big enough, will it be visible on the MRI? Would like to know your experiences.


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Hi Sam-05,

If you have deep infiltrating Endometriosis, yes, sometimes it can be seen on scans, but there is also the possibility that it won't be. Everyone is different - mine was seen on an MRI and it was pretty extensive.

Endometriosis is best diagnosed and assessed by actually looking at the disease. A laparoscopy (or laparotomy) is the only means of making a definite diagnosis.

You can find a whole wealth of information on the Endometriosis UK website:


I hope this helps.


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Well my gynae is suspecting that I have a DIE and I'm a little bit concerned about it.

Thanks for info. xx


Mine wasn't seen on an MRI, but the damage was extensive. Instead they blamed it on an STI (which I knew wasn't the case). Wasn't till I had a lap that they said it was everywhere and had caused so many problems - needed major surgery to start ivf x


Hi Music,

I'm sorry for what you have been through. Hope you are feeling better now.

Best wishes xxx


Thank you. Hope you get a good specialist and some support/ pain relief and answers soon. Wouldn't wish Endo on anybody. Best wishes x

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Thanks a lot hun, and same for me, wouldn't wish this horrible experience for anyone.



If the MRI is with contrast, a specialised endo radiologist will even see deep-infiltrating endo. A specialised physician can tell you what's going pretty accurately, but I doubt there are specialised radiologists in the UK.

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Hi Stefania,

I see, well I hope the hospital that I am going to has a specialist in radiology (I'm living in the Netherlands) gonna ask about that.

Best wishes xx


Hi! In my experience, yes but it always depends on how big, where, and the doctor’s skill and experience with endo. For me, 5 medical professionals including a radiologist could not detect it in my MRI. These were coagulation/ablation surgeons. But when I saw a laparoscopic excision specialist, he noticed it within minutes and also saw signs in my ultrasound. I really recommend seeing an excision specialist and joining Nancy’s Nook on Facebook for anyone who suspects endometriosis

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Hi Krithika,

When I had my physical exam, the gynae could feel the endo tissue and saw signs of it as well during the transvaginal ultrasound ( luckily she's an endo specialist surgeon) Hope I got some useful results from the MRI.

Thanks for your reply and kind regards.


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