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? Endo on my bladder?

When my pain started in February it often was aggravated by passing water and the relief on my bladders was so painful...

That has now not happen much for a while, although last month just before my periods I had a few accessions that when I urinated my left ovary really hurt (where I have endo) since then I find when I go to the loo I really have to consintrate and push more to urinate and like if something is in the way... and it now seems before my periods (which are a week and a half away) I need to urinate more... It sows not hurt, sting or is offensive I just need the loo loads... was up 3 times last night....

Being a nurse this would worry me but it seems to happen every month now and non signs of infection...

I also have a retroverted uterus and newly diagnosed adenomyosis so worried my but er is or something is now stuck to my bladder...

does anyone else have these symptoms?

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Could be a cyst resting on the bladder, which means you can't hold in as much wee as normal and end up needing to visit the loo more often.

It mightbe that endo or an infection or cystitis has caused irritation and swelling in the bladder.

not all UTIs cause burning or pain when or after you pee, some just give off a pungent odour.

The retroverted uterus is tilted out of the way and should not cause this.

I would recommend visiting the GP with a peepot sample to check for blood in the urine, a sign of endo or cyistitis.

there are tablets to help you with urinary retention - if you are struggling to go pee,or not fully emptying the bladder when you do go- which means you fill up again quickly and are back on the loo much quicker than normal.

might also be worth playing with the periods to see if this really is endo related. Norethisterone to delay the onset of a period, or bc pills to skip 3-4 periods to see if that resolves the problem and show it is definitely can be linked to the menstrual cycle.


Thanks for your reply, unfortunately I can not take any bc pills etc they seem to all make me sick etc and I never settle on them. That's the only reason I got sterilised last year and why I'm not on any bc now to help with the pain.

It just seems to happen every month near my periods... I will do a test at work tomorrow and let my consultant know the new symptoms when I go for my lap in 2 weeks.



Hi. I had endo removed from my bladder earlier this year. My main symptoms were pain after emptying my bladder (but it was also painful when it was really full) needing to go more often, feeling like I couldn't completely empty my bladder (feeling the need to go having just been) and blood in my urine - which sometimes was visible to me. I had endo removed from other areas, but the biggest was on my bladder. I believe symptoms with cysts can be similar. Hope this helps, good luck x


Hi KM 198. ... It does thank you....The week before my periods the voiding is painful and if I let myself get too full it hurts too. I don't feel like I'm always emptying completely and the week before the periods again I need to go more often. I have blood in my urine the week before my periods but no other signs or result indicative to and infection. Am very worried it's on my bladder :(

Were they able to remove it all off the bladder without damage?


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