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Not allowed back at work!!

I went and saw my boss today... who said I still look like I'm struggling and in pain. Told her I won't have pain free days now just good and bad days.

She has now said she does not want me rushing back to work and thinks I need to see occupational health before returning as I can't go back like this. I'm a nurse so depended on when I'm due in... If I have a bad day not coming in affects not just the staff but my patients.

I phone occ health who don't yet have my referral and spoke to HR who have advised I am now going down to half pay as of tomorrow.... I can not physically afford that! Nor can I put my partner in this situation! I have been crying my eyes out... I know I'm not pain free but want to go back to work now... now being told I'm not allowed and I'm losing pay!

I don't qualify for any benefits or help and have no savings. My partner is not in a position to pay all the bills on his own either....

Feel totally and utterly screwed!

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I think you need to get back to work slowly but surely.

Short shifts, take the painkillers &

Push through.

For your own sanity!

I've been there

Know exactly how your feeling & if your off ages it

Will just make the worry in your head worse!

Have an agreed phased return with occ health & don't let them bunny you!

The other thing to watch is yes your boss might be nice to you but I don't think they can keep it up!

Good luck & get better soon. Xxx


Thanks for the reply lizzy.... It gets more complicated now though. I put up another post last night...

I have been offered a lap date on the 29 sept. I had a really rough day on Wednesday and called the hospital to see if I could go on standby etc. They called yesterday with the date and I accepted... If I don't take the date I could be waiting until December.

So now I have to convince my boss to let me back for the 2 weeks prior to this on light duties so I can pay my rent at the end of the month.

I wish I had never bothered seeing the doctor about my mood and just shut my mouth about the pain now... I have no means of affording my bills if I can't go back to work on Monday! :, (


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