Ok here we go, finally agreed to have the mirena coil fitted as a step forward. After 6 years of saying no. 9 months on the pain gets worse than ever with each period, the blood is really bright & new. I can't cope with this pain & the tiredness anymore I am so down, I've so many bowel problems & an iron deficiency now. I can't get my clothes on, & I get migraines that last for a week. Am seeing a gastro consultant next week. I can't do this anymore :(

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  • Hi. I could have written your post. I was just the same and eventually after months of bleeding with coil they put me on micronor) and it stopped the bleeding. The pain will settle too and I think I didnt feel right for up to a year BUT, it finally settled and heavy periods/anaemia are a thing of the past. I still get migraines very bad but had them all my life. Check the coil is placed right too as if not this can cause pain. Hang in there is what I was told and ask for micronor top up as my gynae said for some women coil isnt quite enough to stop bleeds. Good luck. Been there and thinking of you xx

  • Hi

    I feel like im in exactly the same situation as you.! I feel very pressurised by my doctors to have the cool just because my notes says that's what the surgeon advised after my op. It really isn't for me and it's not for everyone I feel so confused what to do as deep down I want to try it but am scared to as of the horror stories I've read online. Currently on cerazette been on it for 8 months but have had lots of bleeding and pain the whole time I don't know what's route to try next bit my doctors are very pushy for the coil! Good luck and I hope it works for you :0) x x x

  • Hi, I had mirena following my last lap and it did nothing for me. It simply wasn't strong enough to tackle my endo pain. It was in for 6 months and the pain kept increasing. I had it removed and opted for another progesterone pill. Felt better after that. It doesn't suit everyone so don't be afraid to disagree with the doctors and have it removed.

    Good luck. We're all thinking of you and I hope you find some relief soon.

  • Hi kitty270

    I am so glad that someone else is in the same boat as me! I have my mirena inserted after my first lap in Jan. It has stopped my periods however hasn't even touched the endo pain! Going back to the hospital at the end of next month as just can't cope with it anymore. Everyone keeps trying to say to me that my pains should have stopped, it did for a few months but then came back with a vengeance!

  • Hi jordanneb91, unfortunatley for me it didn't even slow my periods so pain a bleeding continued. It just wasn't suitable. And all the while endo was building again. Also prostap had no effect either. It just made me very sick every month. It seems my body is determined to be ALL woman and nothing can stop it! Good luck. Let us know how you get on :0)

  • We ( Pelvic Pain Support Network ) hear a lot that the Mirena helps with bleeding, which is what is intended to do, but not pain. If it hasn't helped to relieve pain after 9 months and pain is the main issue, it probably isn't going to. Taking a low dose pill in addition may help and is worth a try. Have you had surgery to remove any endometriosis ? of so when and what was done ?

  • Mine took ten months to settle! So not a quick fix but has been fine since, sounds like you need to get it checked or see what else could help, hope you get some relief x

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