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All I want is a diagnosis

Pain is starting to get me down now. Been having on going right sides pelvic pain for nearly a year now, which is impacting my life more every month. I am now taking pain relief during lectures and the pain was starting to effect me on placement ( i am a student nurse). I just want to know what is causing my pain, even if there isn't a treatment. Been trying to study for an exam next week but keep having to stop because of the pain. Docs don't seem to know what it is, gyni doesn't think it is gyni (even without asking question) and I feel like I am getting no where and keep going round in circles.

Not so much looking for advice, just need to let it all out

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Feel for you! It's so frustrating when you don't know what's going on but you're in pain. Your story sounds similar to mine. It took me 4 years of pain to get a laparoscopy diagnostic test. Unfortunately, nothing was found on this except tissue adhesions so as it stands, I'm none the wiser as to why I have this pain. I have been accepted onto a pelvic pain research study now so hopefully I'll get some answers now though I'm not holding my breath. Are you still under the gyni?


I dont thonk I am. She kind of washed her hands of me. She ignored the fact I was in pain during the pelvic exam, barely asked any questions and said that it was unlikely to be gyni related and didnt see a reason to do a lap. She also asked why I had been refered to gyni and why I thought it was gyni related, which I am sure is her job to figure out.


I wish I could offer some useful advice but I have been in the same situation for almost two years with no answers. I have been scanned for gynae, CAT scanned for kidney stones, X rayed for sacroiliitis and had colonoscopy and endoscopy but still in pain every day. Just wanted to send you a sympathetic (hug) x


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