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Pelvic inflammatory disease!!!

Hi ladies I was referred back to my hospital for another consultation with my gyny! I have had an op for endometriosis and they found adhesions and endo but no treatment seems to be helping! I went back and they believe I have pelvic inflammatory disease too!! Just wondering if any of you ladies have (PID) and what treatment is out there as I understand (PID) can have some horrible consequences!! Just really worried as got to wait 3 months!!! Thank you Grace xxxx

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I was misdiagnosed PID when I was rushed to hosp with a burst cyst.

The only treatment I was given for the supposed 'PID' was antibiotics, but of course they didn't make a hoot of difference and I was back to my GP, still in a lot of pain a few days later.

There isn't one single cause of PID, it could be one of a number of different bacteria, so if you genuinely do have PID then it may be necessary to trial several different antibiotics one after the other and if you're anything like me, that is not a fun prospect in itself.

Quite a number of us have initially been told we have suspected PID when in fact it turns out that endo is the route cause of our pain. Either way, the consequences for your insides can be pretty horrible. If it is PID, I hope you manage to hit the jackpot sooner rather than later in finding an antibiotic to clear it up. I haven't had PID, just the treatment for it due to the incompetence of an A&E doctor who spoke next to no English.


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