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Zoladex, Livial, hysterectomy....does anyone else feel like their life has been turned upside down? How do you cope? Are you still working?

I had 3rd Zoladex injection 4 days ago and really suffering. Insomnia for past 5 weeks meant that I ended up starting Livial a month earlier than scheduled. I feel as though I am in emotional free fall. Does anyone else feel this way? How are you managing to cope and look after your children and carry on working? I am really, really struggling. If the Livial has a good effect I will have hysterectomy and oophorectomy after 6 injection - do I just take a break and go back to work after recovery from the operation? What will I feel like? Will things really be better or am I living on false hope?

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Hi. It's really hard on the gnrh drugs. Ive been on reduced hours at work for six months. There is no way I could teach all day full time on it. Can't take the hrt because of breast cysts but although I had more energy the few weeks I was on it, I also turned into an emotional wreck and quite nasty with it which isn't like me. I had a hysterectomy 2 years ago keeping my ovaries and that was when the endo was diagnosed. In retrospect the surgeon should probably have taken my ovaries but after all my reading and research I am now pleased that didn't happen. The gnrh has stopped the endo pain but has brought with it an array of awful side effects. I haven't felt like myself since December.

A hysterectomy will solve problems if you have adenomyosis. It won't solve the endo pain. Having you r ovaries removed probably will but then you risk long term health risks for yourself, reduced libido etc. plus endo can produce it's own oestrogen so ovary removal is no guarantee of success.

I am due to have TPE this Friday and will be keeping both ovaries. I don't think hrt is a substitute long term.

Have you seen an endo specialist at an approved centre? There are far too many surgeons keen on just whipping everything out and this is not necessarily the best course of action.

You have to be happy with what is being done to your body. I have cancelled 2 surgeries because I wasn't comfortable the surgeons were doing the best treatment for me and were suitably skilled to treat the endo.

Fingers crossed Fridays surgery will be as close to a cure as it is possible to have.

I hope you find a solution but please do your research before rushing into surgery. Good luck with the remaining injections. I've had my seventh and last and am looking forward to getting the evil drug out of my system.


I have bipolar disorder and struggle with daily life and unable to work unfortunately. I am however studying for a degree with the Open University which helps to sort of keep my mind on track. The first signs of endometriosis was two years ago when I was admitted to hospital , not easy situation with four kids! Since then it's been a total nightmare. I've been in and out of hospital, back and for my GP, seen consultant after consultant, had a variety of meds thrown at me with no definitive diagnoses. All the medical professionals I've seen are positive it's endometriosis but are reluctant to really do anything. I married a year ago and haven't had much of a private life as the pain is horrendous when we try. I tend to study most in bed, be it mine or a hospital one. My kids are amazing, my youngest is 10 so they're able to sufficiently care for themselves but the thought of missing out on family days out etc is killing me as much as endo. I'm trying to keep going but sometimes feel a slow death is upon me. If it weren't for my husband and children I'd be long gone. Physical and mental pain together really isn't a good mix. I truly hope you're able to find some sort of balance - when you do let me in on it please! Take care hun, Eve x


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