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Hey! I'm 19years old and I have been suffering horrifically with endometriosis since I was 13 diagnosed at 18does anyone suffer terribly?

I was hosptailed three times last through a&e and a 4th for an operation for laser removal, hosptailed again for 3 days this year, & I get pain everday that stops me in my tracks... what Can I do to help myself the pain is terrible and I'm at my wits ends

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I'm 18 and got diagnosed at 16, I've been suffering since I was 11. At the beginning of my journey I was exactly like you, going into hospital every few months for being in too much pain. I haven't yet had removal as I was under a general gynae who only did a diagnostic laparoscopy but July 21st, I am having multiple things done, removal, dye test and to see where else it has spread.

I am also in daily pain and have found that none of the treatments they have given me work. I've tried many different contraceptives and the only one to work is the patches. As for painkillers I haven't yet found any that work but many talk about a mixture of cocodamol and paracetemol and ibuprofen. I personally have gabapentin and some even have pregablin.

Not everything work for everyone but the first place to start is to try the pill, either cerazette, cerelle, micronor, microgynon, anything like that. If they don't work, many try mirena although I haven't been brave enough as I've heard the placement and removal are extremely painful. It work for some but not for others. Then there is the implant, either nexplanon or implanon. I had the implant and it made things easier but the first 6 months, it didn't work and then after 1 year, it started going downhill again but again, that's down to personal experience, everyone is different.

Then there's other treatment like depo provera, zoladex and prostap. They are injections to induce menopause. They are supposed to shut down the pituitary gland which is the part that produces hormones and tell you when to have your period or when you're pregnant. I am on prostap and it isn't working fully how it should as I am still in pain but fingers crossed, I've not had a period in 2 months so I'm happy with that.

There are many painkillers out there and not all of them will work, you'll respond differently than other people so what may not work for some, may work for you and all I can say for that is its a case of trial and error to find the one that works for you. If after 4 months, they aren't working you can go back to your doctor and ge can prescribe you some other.

I hope that helped and if you ever want to chat about anything then you can pm me anytime, I'm literally almost always on here. Hope you get some relief soon.

Leya xxx


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