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Hi all :)

This may sound stupid... Is it possible to have endo without bad abdo pain? Have leg,hip,thigh,back severe . And bloating

Ta x

Lumbar mri showed endplate fracture (healed) but consultant says this is not causing my pain, I have noticed it seems to be cyclimatic, before symptoms got severe I had tv ultrasound which showed adenomyosis , but was told was showing none of the symptoms, I initially went gp for bloating and watery discharge with dull constant back ache, symptoms since become far far worse regarding back, leg,thigh,hip

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Hello Kizz78,

I've been diagnosed with stage 4 endo and I do seem to get very bad back pains, stomach pains and sometimes even my hips hurt. I believe its to do with endo purely because I seemm to have it everywhere! It could be part of endo but you should go and find out where your endo actually is. Might give you a better understanding of it all. Good luck!


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