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Could I have endometriosis

I have ben experiencing sudden onset of severe tummy pain....enough to make me fall to the floor and be violently sick....been taken to a and e twice now but both times juat been sent home and told to take paracetamol as ultra sound shows nothing. Feeling so anxious about it as it comes on so suddenly and frightens me and noone seems to listen. I know it is not just period pain as I have had that most of my life. White blood count 19 which is high......cold clammy sweats days after the onset of pain and tummy painful to touch and excruiating when coughing or sneezing. Any advice would be much apreciated x

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It does sound suspicious, one of the things that I used to get pre diagnosis was I would get attacks of feeling very dizzy and nauseous with a lot of tummy problems. I assumed I had a weak immune system and was just picking up a load more bugs than most people, just prior to having the cyst found I'd had the worst case of what I thought was food poisoning in my life, actually had to have a painkiller injected at the drs and was put in a private room there.

It may be that you have a cyst. Ultrasound will pick it up if it is big enough. You may need to have further investigation which means a small key hole surgery. It's not pleasant but unexplained pain shouldn't be lived with.

Go to your Drs and get a gynae referral. Are you on the pill? If its endo you will probably have issues with your cycle, break through, dark blood, bad cramping etc but you may not, it's different with everyone.

Either way you need to get yourself checked out. Xx


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