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Went for GnRH Injections and came out very confused!

Hello Ladies, I hope you are all ok and have had a pain free day! So here's the story...Well I walked in and they asked me a few questions and I agreed to the injection. Then the nurse asked when my last period was as you have to have the injection just after. This is when it hit me. I haven't had one since 19th March, 6 weeks ago tomorrow! I had been totally consumed and stressed about all of this then made my peace and decided to have it that I didn't give me period one thought. Pregnancy urine test was Negative that they did at the hospital?! I've fallen pregant my once before but only confirmed after 6 weeks but were not sure as my periods are also irregular. They had to monitor me every 48 hrs to check the HCG was doubling which it didn't and ended in miscarraige at ust after six weeks as it wasn't growing. So my cycle are 34 days apart, I usually feel Ov 2-3 weeks in as the pain is hell but didn't this month... Now I'm 6 weeks down the Line with no period and no positive test and still in lots of pain?!?! What the hell do I do?! The snotty male doctor said this is inconvenient I highly doubt your pregnant, come back in two weeks and we will go from there. The nurse on the other hand was very understanding and told me to forget about everything stop stressing and what will be will be. Obviously they haven't got endo and not a day goes by that you are not in pain and do not think about it, let alone today's news!


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Try not to get upset, I had the injections and they are absolutely magic, just a shame you can't have them for long! They have to be certain you aren't pregnant because it will obviously kill and foetus that may be growing x

It is very common as endo to have very irregular periods so I would say it is just that and confirming in 2 weeks is probably a sensible idea then you can start the injections x


Omg! I am in almost same situation right now.

This is what is happening, I had my last period at the beginning of the month and I was always have periods on time day 28.even though I may spot up to 7 days before .

This month I started spotting about 6 days before period was due and still spotting right now...red brown... I also had pms symptoms.

Although this is very common to me I always have my period normal flow on the 28th day, never have I spotted on the day the period was due and far more the day after! I took a pregnancy test this morning but it was negative! So I don't know what is happening and what to do.I never missed a period due to spotting or any other reason.

I also am not feeling pms symptoms from yesterday. They stopped and normally closer to the period I feel more pms. I feel normal right now.

Please advise?!

Note: I had a day 21 progesterone @ 9.3ng and the estrogen was 126 Pg/ml

Last month was 226 Pg for estrogen and 20.12 ng for progesterone!!!!!

Unfortunately it dropped this month so I'm probably not pregnant.

(Endo Stg 4)


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