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Zoladex injection!

Im due to have zoladex injection on monday and am terrified. It is a last attempt to "reboot" my reproductive system after years of problems. I've not been given any information at all except for what i've found online. The side effects sound hideous! I'm a little concerned also of the effects it will have on me getting pregnant following treatment. But also if i dont go ahead with the treatment and continue with irregular extended periods would i be able to conceive anyway?????

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Hi, try not to worry too much. I have been having Prostap injections, which are pretty much the same thing. Chances are you won't suffer ALL the side effects, in fact, some women don't have any - everyone is different. The main problems I had were hot flushes (which werent too bad), insomnia and depression. But this time, I am having HRT at the same time and so far I havent had any side effects (touch wood!). The pain has pretty much gone and Im enjoying not having periods.I have no experience of trying to get pregnant, but I'm pretty sure you have to allow the drug to leave your body before you attempt to conceive - this can take a few months depending on the strength of the injection you're given. (Prostap is either monthly or 3 monthly). The best thing to do is ask about your concerns before they give you the jab - write notes to help you remember - and if they can't answer your concerns, ask about alternative treatments. You could always try one monthly jab to start with, that way if you do have awful side effects, it wont be in your system as long andd you can just not have any more jabs.


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