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Ever since swapping onto the mini pill (after 10 years pain free on combined pill) I have been experiencing cramps in right ovary :(

The pain is in the ovary that was partially removed ten years ago when I had surgery for endometriosis and a chocolate cyst. Thankfully though the Dr has agreed I can go back on my old pill, but I wondered if anyone else had had this experience on the mini pill?

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I've just switched to the mini pill just until my lap (as I'm getting really bad migraines), I was on the combined pill for 5 years and was fine and now I'm on the mini pill I hate it. I get the same cramps too, mainly on the left as that's the messed up side. I've got general stomach ache and pains with it too.

I hope you're doing well now and I wish you luck in switching back to the combined pill xx


Hi, Thanks so much for your reply: I hate the minipill to! :( It just doesn't seem to suit me at all! Good luck with your lap and hope you also feel much better soon, love K.T xx


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