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What can I do?

I was bleeding for 11months before I finally went in for an operation to remove a tennis ball sized cyst from my right ovary, and that's when they realised I had endometriosis. After coming around from the anaesthetic the doctor spent 5 minutes with me where she told me I had endometriosis. When I asked what that meant she briefly explained it and said "basically, it's 50/50 on the ability to have children in the future".

Since that horrible experience, the only information I've got has been through my own research. I am on the pill continuously but that's the only option I've been given. When I told my GP I still had pain, constipation/diarrhoea, etc she said I'd just have to live with it.

My question is, are there certain specialists I can ask to see or any other self style treatments? The nhs system where I live has failed me multiple times in this.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Hi Anna,

Can I firstly say what a terrible & unsupportive G.p you seem to have as she has told you to just "carry in & live with it" after telling her your concern & symptoms, I'd be encouraged to report her to the neccesary medical practitioners board for dismissal.

In the meantime " if I were in your shoes" I'd try & get a 2nd opinion from another g.p in a NHS clinic/surgery.

Do you know of any local NHS Urgent Care Surgeries in your area?

I personally have 2 that I know of in my area & I have found myself visiting one of them in previous months as it can be rather difficult to get appointments at my g.p surgery & these places have registered NHS nurses & doctors who have the ability to either refer you to the necessary clinic/hospital or give you a prescription of medication should you need it.

My personal experience of going to see a G.P in one of these surgeries is & has always been good & I have never had a problem or issue with being seen either as once I've submitted my details to the receptionist i have been seen within the hour

( & sometimes less) , :)

Good luck with getting the diagnosis & treatment you deserve as it can be very upsetting & rather worrying when you feel as if you're not been listened to.



Thanks for the reply Abenaa.

Since posting this I've had a couple of really bad weeks, including passing out twice from the pain!

I don't like to be dramatic but I've had too much time off work lately so my husband suggested I go back to my gp and kick some ass!

There are no urgent surgeries in my area however I have a normal appointment with my gp tomorrow where I'm going to ask to be referred to some sort of specialist and actually get some more advice! I'll keep you updated with how things go..!


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