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Hi ladies!!!!!!!! i was diganosed with endometriois last year very mild all i was basicly told to do was get pregnant this was last April

me and my partner are finding it hard to conviece during my last period i passed huged clots, stomach is still bloated after my period, am suffering with back pain and am experiancing stinging down below wondering if anyone esle has had the same problem

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Hi, did they do a dye test to check if your fallopian tubes are free? My partner and I had been ttc for almost 18 months before my laparoscopy and dye test. I had mild endo on uterus, ovaries, bladder and on fallopian tubes. My tubes filled with dye but nothing came out at the end which points to a blockage there. We are on the list for ivf now.

They told us to keep trying in the meantime but there is a danger that it ends up ectopic.

Good luck :-)


thank you am going to docs weds for swabs i might mention that thank you x we already told we can have ivf cause of my partner having cancer so i think it be the next stage for weeks now my back has been hurting makes me really grumpy which believe me doesn't take alot lol it took there time to give me the laparoscopy cause ever since having my daughter whos 10 my periods haven't been the same especially since having the mirena coil going to the docs saying the same thing feeling like its falling on deaf ears so when i was offered it even i thought oh maybe they wouldn't find anything when they did in a strange way i was relieved but scred now that i can't fall pregant we do try without sounding personal when we do it hurts apparently thats due to the endo


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