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Has anyone had there ovarys drilled?

Hello ladies :)

I'm just wondering if anyone has had their ovarys drilled? I saw my consultant in the week who said it's either clomid or ovary drilling - she advised OD because clomid makes endo grow back quicker... In just wondering if anyone has had it and can explain a bit more about their experience like recovery time, pain, benefit of having it done and if it helps im with fertility?

Thanks in advance,

Kate xxxx

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I haven't had the op - but there is info on it on the following page - click the USA option.


Seems like a straightforward lap procedure and a simple small burn on the ovaries to stimulate them. Much the same as is done with diathermy to burn back endo on the ovaries.

Recovery time will be much the same for all laps around 4 weeks to be op pain free, but may be a lot sooner, depending on how quickly the internal wounds heal up.

Lap holes are usually recovered in about 2 weeks. The gas from the op takes 2-4 days to clear out of your body - that would be the most painful part. Just fart and burp it out at every possible opportunity to ease those pains which are felt in the shoulder.

You might get a lot more 1st hand experiences by posting your question on the fertility forums - because this is not an endo op, but from what I read is very similar to endo ops.

Click on Communities on the green bar at the top of the page and look for the fertility /IVF forums on health unlocked as well as the countless other fertility forums.


Ahh thank you very much I will do that too!

Thank you again xxx


Yes I had it in 1993. A year later my first daughter was born.

I had ovarian drilling and laser surgery together. The laparoscopy took me about two weeks to recover and was no more painful then a general laparoscopy

I have had Clomid but ovarian drilling is much safer to Endo sufferers.

Good luck x


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