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Please sign the petition to have endometriosis recognised as a disability


This is not my petition but I do feel strongly about it. It needs 10000 votes to be considered in parliament.

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Hi endopains

I've posted this on your other link to the petition as well, and as a stage 4 endo sufferer I am not challenging the effects of endo or anything, I know just how crippling it can be and the effect it can have on everything in your life, but...

Sorry to say but this petition is really out of date from a legal perspective - the disability discrimination act was repealed by the equality act 2010. Also it is extremely unlikely (close to 0% chance) that the government would ever formally state endo (and many many other serious conditions) as a disability in the equality act, the law is purposively designed to be flexible around what is a "disability" as it needs to be considered on an individual basis, no 2 people with the same condition (endo or not) are affected in the exact same way so it would be very restrictive and dangerous if a long list of conditions were stated as automatically being a disability (ie. women diagnosed with endo but no symptons would be classed as disabled yet they may not feel disabled and could effect things like their job opportunities etc) therefore the ONLY conditions that are automatically a disability in the UK from the point of diagnosis are cancer, HIV and MS.


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