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Infertility- annovulation

Hey diagnosed last year with endo and had several cysts on overies removed. Struggling to fall pregnant. Had test results back today from day 21 progesterone and came back annovulation. My husband had his sperm results back and he has high percentage abnormal now waiting on doctors appointment to talk through options just wondered if anyone been through similar experiences? Many thanks x

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Hi !

The day 21 test is only really useful if you have exactly 28 day cycles. If your cycles are longer or shorter than that then you may just ovulate at a different time than what the text books say!

You could always ask the dr to repeat it next month, or have you tried the ovulation kits? I recently used the clear blue dual ovulation kits and they seemed to work!

I know how stressful fertility problems are, I'm currently going through it myself. Just need to think positive :-)


Thanks for your reply! Went doctors today and the referral has now been sent to infertility! Finding it all abit too much to be honest seems to be bad news every way we turn! What stage are you out with fertility? (If u don't mind me asking) x


Definitely have the the repeated. I was ovulating some months, not others, also had cysts on ovaries plus fibroids & hydrosalpinges ( so pretty bad news all round). But having said that, even with my crap situation, got 3 lovely embryos on my first full round of IVF last year. 2 put back, sadly didn't take, but 1 frozen. Have just had my 3rd lap ( complete waste f time) & about to start a new cycle if IVF.

Don't get despondent, it can definitely all happen, my advice is ifyou can get a free cycle of IVF, get your name down ASAP. I was too old for my local crap health authority so we've had to pay for everything!!


Well doc reckons we should get 3 free goes at IVF so feeling more positive! How long did it take u from referral to actually starting IVF? Fingers crossed it works out for u!!! X


You're lucky To have 3 cyles free, just get on the list asap! Where I live, only 1 go is free. Worse still, when I started trying to conceive I was 33. Then ivf was only available to 36-40 year olds. So we carried on trying with the idea we'd go for help at age 35 ish. When I was 35, they changed the rules in my local health authority. Suddenly ivf was only free for 30-34 year olds. I'd missed any chance of funding & was very angry for a while. But frankly stress & anger doesn't help & makes endo worse. Best thing you can do is chill out, enjoy the things you can still do as a couple (weekends always, holidays etc) & keep positive! Good luck!


Doc said its free 23-40 here but seems a massive difference to ur experience so maybe she doesn't have all facts. Thank you trying hard to think positive!! It's the bitter feeling I'm trying to come to terms with its not usually in my nature but has been since all this crap! Thanks again for your reply! X


Honestly, the regional differences are huge. I know that some areas are very generous & think my area is worst so wouldn't doubt your doc particularly. Obviously best to che though.

I know it's difficult but try to keep happy! If you & your OH have a good relationship, them make the most of it & enjoy it. Infertility is hard to cope with & the saddest thing is when it ruins marriages or relationships, so make sure you make time for each other & enjoy what you already have!


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